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Processing stages of spinning

Varying stages of processing raw fibre to yarn.

This is Pippins fibre, an Alpaca  who lives just outside Helston, Cornwall.


He is one of 12 Alpacas that we process.

Raw Fibre

Going through the Drum Carder for a 2nd time

Onto the Drum Carder

Coming off the Drum Carder

Carded fibre ready for spinning

The first spinning - a single thread

Carded fibre ready for spinning

Pippin (in the foreground)

with Frodo (chocolate)

and Legolas

Bath time for Pippin

Dirty Pippin

One skein rinsed, one not

Pippin now being conditioned

Skeins drying

Plied yarn

18 wraps per inch -

indicates a fine yarn -

baby; lace; 2ply

Skeins washed, dryed and ready for delivery