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Spinning Workshops


                                                                                                    Preparation of Fibre                                                                                                        

                                                                                           Skirting and sorting a fleece

                                                                                                    Washing the fibre


                                                                                        Carding the fibres with combs,

                                                                                               hand and drum carders


                                                                                                      Starting to Spin

                                                                                Drafting the fibres to enable easier spinning

                                                                                                     Spinning singles

                                                                                            Plying the singles together

                                                                                                    Skeining the yarn

Alpaca processing - Pippin uncarded 1
Dirty Pippin
Alpaca processing - Pippin ready for spinning
Alpaca processing - single Pippin on the bobbin on
Ready for delivery



A days course will run from 10am - 4pm  with an hours break for lunch

Lunches can be ordered from the Tea Room 


Course will cover grading a fleece, carding, spinning & plying.

At the end of the session you can take home your very own hand spun yarn

Wheels can be supplied

Handouts to support the session

All materials are included in the price with the use of a large and varied array of fibres

Numbers are limited to 3


Cost of a days individual tuition                                           £120                                                                                     


If you would like to book a lesson please contact us

Alpaca processing - Pippin on the rum carder

We have been spinning and weaving for over 30yrs and are the Tutors for the Cornwall Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers Two Year Foundation Courses in Spinning & Weaving


We also head the Guild's Weavers Days as well as teach newcomers to spin at Guild general meetings

Having problems with:


   Trouble with Carding?

  Singles too tight?

  Plying too loose?

Understanding Woollen & Worsted?


Need help with the slippery plant fibres:

  Bamboo, Soy, Silk?          


Want to blend fibres and colour?


We offer hourly sessions to get you over these problems                                                         £20p.h

Hand Spinning has been around for centuries, unfortunately the Industrial Revolution saw the end of a thriving cottage industry,

where families relied on the craft of spinnng and weaving to support themselves.


However, there is a surging interest for people to learn the ways of the old and traditional crafts.


Creating your own hand spun yarn is satisfying, theraputic and there is a unique end product to feel good about.    


Our courses are now run from our new studio at Cows & Sows, Higher Lamerton Farm, Idless, Truro TR4 9QT



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