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Carding and Combing

We offer a Drum Carding and an English Combs service


We use David Bryant Drum Carders and Peter Teals English Combs


On the Drum Carder we supply clean batts of 50gms, which enables the spinner to

spin straight away. Depending on the fibre and due to the nature of the fleece there may

be neps ( small little balls of fibre ) but this can be taken off whilst spinning or left for effect and texture.


The Drum Carder is a great way to have fibre prepared, it is more efficient than hand carding, allowing larger amounts to be prepared at one time. The fleece does need to be scoured and clean, which we can provide, we will not put dirty fibre through the machine.



The English Combs takes the fibre a step further and returns a very clean bright roving, any fibres left behind can be run through the drum carder and made into batts.


With this method, the fibres are left parallel and is preferred for spinning worsted yarns using the worsted spinning technique


For more details please contact us



For 100gms:


Scouring & Cleaning     £3.50

Carded                            £6.50


Total                             £10.00




For 100gms:


Scouring & Cleaning       £  3.50

Combed                            £10.50


Total                                  £14.00  

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