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Weaving Workshops

The process of weaving has been around for centuries in textile production,

the method of which, is to have yarns that are interlaced at right angles to

form cloth or fabric.


When trying to understand some of the termonology, the easiest is to think of a

scarf and the threads that create the tasseling are known as Warp Threads and the

threads that go across from side to side are the Weft Threads


Weaving involves using a loom which holds the Warp Threads under tension making it easier for the Weft Threads to be woven by the Weaver



 ONE DAY WORKSHOP:       Cost £120

 Understanding the Warping Frame, the ''Cross'' & making a Warp Chain

 Beaming & Sleying the Loom

 Calculation for required yardgae / meterage

 Weaving a sample cloth over several patterns

 10am - 4pm 

Please bring a packed lunch or there is a very good bakers in the village



 TWO DAY WORKSHOP:      Cost £240

 Understanding the Warping Frame, the ''Cross'' & it's importance

 Making a Warp Chain

 Beaming & Sleying the loom

 Protecting the warp & weft

 Weaving a sample cloth

 Finishing methods

 10am - 4pm

Please bring a packed lunch or there is a very good bakers in the village



 Both of the above would include the use of a 4 shaft table loom

 Use of all yarns

 Handouts to support the session    

 All workshops are limited to three [ 3 ] students                                                                                                                                                                        


If you would like to book a sesion please contact us

Tweed Cloth
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We have been spinning and weaving for over 25yrs and are the Tutors for the Cornwall Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers two year Foundation Course.


We also head the Guild's Weavers Days as well as teach newcomers to spin at Guild general meetings

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